1. Click on your name in the top left corner.
  2. Click 'All Settings'.

Here you can change the settings of how what you send and receive will look like in Verji.

Room list

Here you can hide/show shortcuts to your recently viewed rooms.

The shortcuts will be displayed just above your contact list in Verji, right under your display name.

The shortcuts are shown as a row of the profile pictures of your recently viewed rooms.


This will show you the options for when you are writing a message.

Automatically replace plain text emoji

Will automatically create an emoji when you write for instance :)

Enable Emoji suggestions while typing

Will automatically suggest an emoji when you start writing the plain text format of an emoji

Send typing notifications

Will show in the conversation that you are writing a message, for instance 'Lars is writing a message...'

This function makes your contact aware they will shortly receive a message from you.

Use Ctrl + Enter to send a message

If this feature is on, your message will not be sent when you press Enter.

You will have to press Ctrl + Enter, or use the green Send-button on the right.

The reason for this feature is to make it easier for you to write longer messages.

When this feature is on, you will go to the next line in the message when you press Enter (line break). 

You can continue writing your message on the new line without sending it until you have finished your whole message.

If this feature is turned off, your message will be sent when you press Enter.


Here you decide your settings for your timeline/history in the room.