How to create/invite a new user to Verji

When you want to create/invite a new customer/client in to Verji, it is important that you have the correct information for the person you are inviting.

We recommend you tell them in advance that they will receive an invitation to use Verji.

We have written a text you can send in an e-mail to them in advance

How to:

  1. Go to your Administration room (write "administrasjon" in the Filter-search bar).
  2. Add the e-mail adress to the person you are inviting. Make sure you write the e-mail adress correctly as this is the adress their Verji-invitation will be sent to.
  3. Add the full name of the new user. This will be used to create a unique username in Verji, and should consist of only the first and last name of the user.
  4. Add the mobile phone number of the new user. This is optional, but is highly recommended as it will authenticate the new user securely.
  5. Select an option for if the new user will receive a text message with a verification code, aswell as a code in an e-mail. We highly recommend this for all new clients, as it is part of the secure authentication of a new user.
  6. Select the correct option for type of user. A Standard user is your client, an Administration user is your co-worker.
    It is free to invite a Standard user. For an Administration user it is at the cost which has been agreed with Rosberg AS.
  7. You can add a Welcome message that the person you are inviting will see in their invitation e-mail. Do not write sensitive or private information here, as it is sent un-encrypted to the recipient.
    An example could be 'We are now using Verji for encrypted communication in compliance with GDPR regulations'
  8. Click the Opprett button when you are sure your information is correct.

Response from the invitation widget

You should immediately see a response from the Verji CompanyBot that says ''Processing, please wait...'', followed by status messages. What you need to pay attention to is the following:

  • Success
    Everything went well, the user has been created and the invitation e-mail has been sent.
  • A user is already registered with email...
    This user is already a user of Verji, and will be added to your cantact list.
  • UserID ''olanormann'' is already occupied.
    The username is occupied, and you need to make a change in the name of the user. You can add or remove a middle name to make it unique. Remember this will be their username, so it should make sense to the person you are inviting.